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Limited Assistance Representation

Limited Assistance Representation (or LAR, for short) is a relatively new concept in Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts, having been permitted in all divisions of the Probate and Family court since May 1, 2009. Limited Assistance Representation permits an attorney to represent a client during part of the client’s case, without necessarily representing the client throughout the client’s entire case. This form of representation can be extremely beneficial to a client who may not necessarily have the resources to retain an attorney for her or his entire case, but who is in need of assistance with a particular aspect of the case.

The various ways that an attorney can assist a client on a limited representation basis include appearing on behalf of the client at court for a single event such as a pre-trial conference, drafting documents, and instructing the client on the law and/or procedure. The client and the attorney are free to agree for what aspects of the case the client is responsible and for what aspects of the case the attorney is responsible. Once the initially agreed upon work is completed, the client and the attorney are also free to agree to the attorney providing further limited representation to the client for additional aspects of the client’s case, or even to the attorney providing the client with full representation for the entire case.

We are available to provide clients with both limited and full representation. Contact us online or by phone at (978) 256-1456 to discuss your family law, probate, or divorce needs!

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